Edvin Ingman
Edvin Ingman
Photography, Films, Design & Architecture


Kalle Koivu and I make our films with original stories, original production and original cinema to achieve a film that leaves no one empty.
We will never leave art, we will never leave film.


The Movie


Etelä-Tapiolan lukio, a high school in Finland offers a course, Incubator, which allowed me and my friend Kalle Koivu to create a movie no 17-year-old has ever done. Starting in the Fall 2015 and finishing in Summer 2016 The Final act has been the biggest project of ours.

Anthony is a professional killer on top of his league. Daniel is a desperate inheritor of his father's business empire. Anthony and Daniel are given a killing job, target being a wealthy crime leader Gregory Hill. As the job goes on, it gets unexpected twists to events and relationships from the forgotten past.

trailer: https://youtu.be/xItqAHs-EJk


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