Edvin Ingman
Edvin Ingman
Photography, Films, Design & Architecture

Design and Architecture


I have always been interested in architecture and contemporary design. It is an honor that I have been able to create my passion through art by myself, and together with others.

Concept Aurora

Guggenheim Association proposed a plan to build a Guggenheim museum to Helsinki. Ever since the conversation between pro-Guggenheim and no-Guggenheim people has been going.

The Finnish Broadcasting channel Yle asked us to make a different proposal to the place of the planned Guggenheim museum in the Fall 2014. They asked me, Kalle Koivu and Akseli Anttonen to create a residence for Santa Claus.


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I'm Blue

I'm Blue is a Finnish blueberry soda company. Me and Joosua Kuusela created the visual brand for them to represent the product, great Finnish design and to get them on track with their competitors.

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For more, http://imblue.fi